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Most of our customers are curious about the tools we use. But very few actually ask if they could take a look inside our tool boxes and get to know them. We can’t blame you though. Naturally, you’d be more interested on how well we fix your plumbing problem, your new fixture installation, and more.


But while your basement is not flooded, your hot water is hot enough, we think we’d give treat you with the names of a few of the tools that we depend on always. Here they are:


Pipe Wrench

This is probably the most iconic tool that is identified with plumbers all over the world. They have been used for decades, yet, no matter how modern the procedures are now, the pipe wrench is still the go-to tool for a multitude of projects. There are various types of pipe wrenches for different applications, and they come in varied sizes, too.



We call it a snake but it’s really called a drain auger. This coiled up metal cable is used when a plunger won’t work. This cable comes with a crank that actually rotates and pushes it at the same time.


Basin Wrench

This self-tightening tool is used to repair or replace faucets. High grade models even come with a telescoping shank holding a 90 degree position that is more accurate.


Channel Lock

It’s another name for a tongue and groove plier. For most plumbers, channel locks have taken the place of pipe wrenches (but the latter are just indispensable). They are often used in twos, with one stabilizing the pipe and the other unscrewing it.


Hole Saw

This tool is used if holes are needed in wood, concrete, or masonry.


Rib-Joint Pliers

This tool is created for turning bolts, nuts, fittings, and pipes. Additionally, it is an excellent gripper!


Metal File

Like you probably guessed, we use metal files to smoothen out any rough edges when we cut metal pipes.



Well, this one we know you are familiar with. This tool clears clogs in sinks and toilets.


Hack Saw

This tool is also used to cut both metal and plastic pipes, among others.


Compression Sleeve Puller

This is often used to pull compression nuts from tubing or a faucet handle from a valve stem.


There you go. Those are just ten of the many tools used when working on your plumbing system. Those tools are all very important. But what is perhaps more important is the skills and level of professionalism your plumber brings with him every time he comes to do a job. Hayes Plumbing ensures that every man sent to your home is equipped both with all the right tools and the expertise to do an excellent plumbing job!

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