How to Handle Bathroom Disasters

flood under drain of sink in bathroom

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Bathroom disasters do not happen on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (thankfully). In fact, there are some lucky homeowners who have never experienced any serious disasters in the bathroom. That, however, does not mean that we should not equip ourselves with sufficient information to deal with them – at least until a real plumber arrives.

It is important that you know how to handle disastrous situations in your household, especially in the bathroom. That is why we have rounded up for you some of the most common bathroom disasters and corresponding tips on how you can handle them:


Bothersome Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet or drain is probably the most common and worrying bathroom disaster, given the inconvenience it brings, and the stressful cleaning up that comes with it! Well, when you are dealing with this problem, you would be glad to know that the best thing to do about it is to leave it alone. Go warn your housemates about it and call the plumber ASAP. We know you mean well by trying to flush your toilet several times, but once it’s blocked, the blockage most definitely won’t clear. That would require professional attention.


Stressful Leaks

This is really a distressing situation, and it is twice the trouble if it occurs on the upper floor of your home or building. As soon as you become aware of a leakage, immediately turn off your water supply at the main switch. Call a plumber. You may open all the taps in your house to drain the water system while you’re waiting for the plumber to arrive. Clear up the leaks with mops and buckets. If you notice that your ceiling is bulging with water, move fast and make a hole to drain the water before the ceiling collapses.


Bursting External Water Mains

If you experience this, hurry and look for the main controls. This is usually found outside your house. Switch it off. This might turn the supply to neighbouring properties off too, so let them know when you do it. Contact a plumber. Pipes that lead to the main controls belong to the water board and therefore, it is their responsibility. Pipes between your property and the main, though, belong to you so those are your responsibility.


All bathroom disasters are challenging to deal with. It is important that you have a trusted plumber that you can call anytime to handle them for you. Hayes plumbing offers quick response to any bathroom emergency 24/7. Call us and we’ll be there as fast as we can.



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