Holiday Plumbing Maintenance: How to Prevent a Yuletide Plumbing Disaster

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When the stockings are hung by the yuletide with care, and your beloved family are gathered around the dressed turkey—it is a terrible time for a clogged pipe, broken toilet, sewage seepage or other plumbing maintenance issue (not that there is a good time!).

How to Prevent a Holiday Plumbing Disaster: With Plumbing Maintenance
Preventing a turkey-side three-ring plumbing circus is relatively easy, simply follow these basic plumbing maintenance tips:

1. Don’t Put Grease Down your Drain

Putting grease from your turkey or other ‘fixings’ down your drain is a sure-fire way to clog it, so be extra-special cautious around the holiday season not to put anything drain-clogging down the pipes. This includes fat and grease from meats, butter, margarine, cooking oils, lard, food scraps, dairy and salad dressing.

2. Check your Drains

While you’re remembering your drains—check to see that they’re draining properly. Fill the sink slightly, and then watch to see that it drains quickly. If the drain isn’t swirling down quickly then fix the clog—because it will only get worse with holiday festivities.

3. Check your Toilets

The last thing you want is a broken or overflowing toilet while you’re having guests over, so check your toilet for leaks or clogs before the holiday season. If the seal isn’t tight or there are any leaks, fix them ASAP.

4. Appliances

Double-check that your appliances are functioning properly well before an event—because getting someone there to repair them around the holidays will likely take more than a couple days.

Should you discover any major problems with your plumbing maintenance, appliances, drains, pipes, toilets or bathroom—call the pros here at Hayes. We’ll set a convenient time to send one of our experienced plumbers by to snake your drain, fix your toilet or fix your plumbing issue—before your major holiday celebrations. But, be sure to check your plumbing, drains, kitchen and bathrooms now—so that you can schedule an appointment in the near future, well before your event…and take a little bit of stress out of your pre-party planning.

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