Does Your Home Need Drain Cleaning?

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Everybody knows that blockages and clogs are never good for a home’s plumbing system. They can cause serious harm if they are not addressed immediately. There are a few indicators that could alarm you that it’s time to get professional drain cleaning.

If you see any of these signs, call your local plumber from Hayes Plumbing and schedule for a cleaning before it’s too late!

Clogs Everywhere
When a fixture is clogged, say your toilet, it is typically because of a blockage in the specific drain line that is for that fixture. This is something that a plunger can often take care of. But if you’re seeing multiple fixtures getting affected one at a time, there’s a high probability that there is a blockage in the main line that only professional drain cleaning can fix. It’s the same if a drain malfunction happens repeatedly. What that means is that there could be a clog deep in the lines that could not be eliminated without some specialized equipment that only a professional has.

Slow Moving Drains

A build-up of grease and minerals may not be something that would appear as an immediate cause of concern. But addressing the problem as early as possible can help you prevent a sudden sewer backup that could be messy and a little expensive to solve.

Foul Odours

Do you smell something unpleasant coming from a plumbing fixture? If that’s a solitary case, then you already know which clogged P-trap to fix. But if the odour is coming from multiple drains, it’s possible that there is a blockage in the venting system itself or there is a broken sewer pipe somewhere that a professional plumber has to inspect and repair.

Water Back-Ups

Is there any standing water around your basement floor drain? That is an indication of a blockage problem that has to be given immediate attention by a highly-trained professional. If you get the problem thoroughly assessed and addressed before a backup happens, that means you get to avoid potential health risks that may be caused by contaminated water. Of course, it will also save you from all the trouble of a very messy clean-up as well as some expensive repairs.

If you want some expert advice regarding professional drain cleaning and whether you need one performed in your home, reach out to us at Hayes Plumbing and we’ll send one of our pros to check it for you.


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