What Should Be in Your Home Plumbing New Year’s Checklist

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Because 2017 is almost here, you are probably already thinking of ways to clean and de-clutter your home to get a fresh start. That is an exciting thing to think about to. Of course, we all want a year without a glitch – and if you really want that, then you better include your plumbing system when you make your New Year’s checklist.


To make sure you’ve got everything covered, we have the top three right here for you:


Take a Look at How Energy Efficient Your Home Is

You probably notice how it seems like all the appliances sold these days are all energy-efficient. And it’s not surprising at all because not only are they better for the environment, but also because they could save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your utility bills over the year. Because energy prices are also consistently rising, perhaps this is the year for you to improve your home’s energy efficiency to save some money for other things.


Make Sure Your Drains are Always Clean

Tell yourself that for this coming year (and hopefully the ones after that, too) you will be on top of your drains’ cleanliness. This is very important if you want them to work the way you expect them to. The reason is very simple, actually. Drains that are neglected and have grown unclean are at a higher risk of becoming clogged. This of course, can cause some serious plumbing problems. The key to ensuring your drains’ cleanliness is to clean them yourself regularly to avoid any mishaps. It is also an excellent idea to call a professional from Hayes Plumbing to perform some deep cleaning every few months or so.


Schedule a Thorough Plumbing Inspection

You may be thinking your home’s plumbing is actually running very smoothly, so there is probably no need whatsoever to ask for an inspection. But even if that is the case, you should know that it is very important to have your system checked by a professional plumber. Why? For one, not all problems manifest at once. At any given time, you could encounter an issue with your plumbing system which could be not only costly, but also very time-consuming. Before any problem arises, it is just better to be on top of your plumbing and drain system.


If you want to schedule an appointment with our expert team at Hayes Plumbing, you are always welcome to give us a call! We’ll be happy to keep your plumbing working fine all year round.

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