A Homebuyer’s Plumbing Checklist

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If you are looking for a new home, then you already know how important home inspections are. And if it concerns the property’s plumbing system, then we suggest you schedule a day for a thorough inspection for the entire home’s plumbing. Of course, this should be performed by a licensed plumber. This will allow you to know about any plumbing issues, if there’s any. Additionally, you’ll also learn and understand its plumbing history, like if a water line had been replaced, if there had been any problem with the heater, and more.


Because you shouldn’t miss any important detail, here’s a plumbing checklist for you. Be prepared to ask the seller and the plumbing expert specific questions.


  • How’s the water pressure? Test the showers by turning them on. You want to make sure the pressure won’t be a problem in the future. Ask the plumber about the size and length of the pipes that connect the house to the water source.
  • Flush all the toilets in the house to see if they are working.
  • Ask if there’s lead piping in the house. If there are, then you better look elsewhere. Studies show that a worrisome amount of lead is found in the blood of every 1 in 6 kids under the age of six.
  • Remember to be on the lookout for any signs of corrosion on the water heater. Inquire about the last time that it has been serviced. If it is too old or it looks worn, ask the seller if it could be replaced. It should not be a problem.


As someone who is about to make a very large investment in a new residential property, you want to make sure there’s nothing you have to worry about – especially in the plumbing system. You have to be prepared for anything, too. To avoid any future disasters (and to protect yourself from purchasing a home with substandard plumbing systems) schedule a whole-home plumbing inspection with our licensed plumbing technicians!


Do not be so easily swayed by other elements of the house. Plumbing is a very important aspect that you have to check. You do not want to rush into buying a property only to be in a terrible plumbing mess years or even months after you move in! Having an inspection done is a great way to eliminate this possibility. Call Hayes Plumbing and we’ll tell you how we can help you!

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