How to Recognize a Sewer Line Problem

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Our sewage lines act as a vital link which carries waste, water and practically anything else we flush down our drains out and away from our homes. This vital function relies on having a clean, properly working line that is able to perform its duties and efficiently carry things away from your home. Therefore, it is pertinent that homeowners take necessary precautions to avoid sewer line issues before they happen because they can be costly to repair and wreak all sorts of havoc.

Sewage line problems can be detrimental to a home and its yard and cause all sorts of nasty and disgusting things to happen. This can result in the homeowner needing to pay a lot of money to fix their sewer line problems and other problems that result from a damaged sewer line. Luckily, there are many things a homeowner can look for ahead of time that may signal a sewer line issue before it becomes a full blown catastrophe, as well as signs that signal it is surely damaged and in need of prompt repair. This article will cover all of those in detail. Some common things you may notice if there are signs of a sewer line issue include:

Sewer Line Backup

The most prominent issue that will certainly tell a homeowner if their sewer line is damaged will be from a backup. This will occur from a drain within your home and will happen when you flush water down your bathtub, sink and other places you’d funnel water through. If the backup of sewer waste is limited to a singular drain, than it is probably only an isolated incident, but if all drains start to backup, this will be due to a main sewer line backup. When this happens, wastewater can flood your home and if this occurs, it may pose a serious health risk and you might have to spend days trying to erase the odor from your home.

Lawn Changes

It is vital that a homeowner looks for changes to their lawn colour which may signify a sewer line issue. Since a sewer line runs underground, looking for changes in colour to the lawn and extra lush soil will be a tell tale sign of a sewage line problem. Sinkholes may also form in this instance due to the water erosion occuring underground from the damaged sewer line and so a homeowner should look for these as well when trying to verify a sewer line problem.

Animal Frenzy

If you notice a hoard of rodents running rampant in your home, you may have a sewer line issue. Rats spend much of their lives running around sewers and they may very well find their way into your homes if they can tunnel into walls through a damaged sewer line. This can result in a numerous amount of other issues and may even require an exterminator to deal with, which will cost you money. Other forms of invasion may be from cockroaches and other bugs that like to hang around waste. Homeowners who notice infestation should promptly deal with this issue to avoid catastrophic damage.

Cracks In the Walls

Continued leaking of a sewer line can erode the very foundation of your walls and cause them to become brittle and eventually crack under the pressure. If you notice your walls beginning to show signs by cracking, or if they are permeating a foul smelling odor, it may very likely be from a resulting sewer line issue. This can cause a need for drywall repairs on top of your sewer line fixes and this can prove quite costly if enough damage is incurred.

Slow Drainage

If you notice that whenever you are flushing something down a drain, it is doing so very slowly, you may have a sewer blockage which is forming. This may not be a full blown blockage as of yet, but it is an easy sign that one is beginning to form and so one should always check the rate at which water is draining from their sinks, bathtubs and other sources.

Regardless of the cause of your sewer line problem, proper action is needed to rectify the problem. Fortunately, the experts at Hayes Plumbing are here to help, let us tend to your sewer line needs and we would be happy to give you a quote.

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