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Canada has been blessed with plenty of clean water, and it’s our responsibility to protect that privilege. One part of protecting our resource is to conserve water by ensuring we’re not using more than we absolutely need.

While this may seem like a challenging process, there are dozens of easy ways to conserve water around the home. Read on to learn more.

5 Ways to Save Water at Home

Are you looking for a way to lower your utility bill? Or, maybe you’re simply searching for ways to make your household more environmentally-friendly.

Either way, these smart water conservation tips will help you decrease your usage at home:

1. Turn off Your Faucets

The first step in saving water at home is to break one bad habit many of us are guilty of: leaving the faucet on while we wash up the dishes or brush our teeth.

Bathroom faucets use about 2 gallons of water each minute, so turning off the tap while you do your business can save hundreds of gallons each month!

Have a leak in your faucet? Fix it as soon as possible. Even slow drip leaks can cause a dramatic spike in your water usage and energy bills.

2. Repurpose Water

You recycle cans and bottles, so why not water? When you learn to use every drop of water available to your household, you save both money and resources.

Smart ways to do this include reusing the water you use to wash vegetables and watering the garden with it. You can also position a rain barrel under your home’s gutters and use that water for outdoor chores and tasks.

3. Invest in a Smaller Dishwasher

If your dishwasher is several years old, you may consider investing in a smaller, more modern and efficient dishwasher. Bonus points if you rinse dishes before you wash them, as this could save you gallons each load.

Also, remember to wait on running the dishwasher for times when you actually have a full load to put through.

4. Purchase High-Efficiency Appliances

The average family does about 300 loads of laundry annually, and this adds up to a massive source of water use.

As such, it’s smart to invest in front-loading washing machines that use as little water as possible. Look for Energy Star-certified models – they use about 40% less electricity than other versions. This will save you on both electricity and water – which means you’ll have more in the bank to spend elsewhere.

5. Purchase a Low-Flow Toilet

Aside from the laundry room, the bathroom is the place where your household uses the most water.

Navigate around this by installing a low-flow toilet. These toilets use just a fraction of the gallons per flush that older styles use. Because of this, they can save your household dozens of gallons of water each day.

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The more electricity and water you save, the more money you’ll save as well – so it’s a win-win!

Looking for ways to save water in your home? Contact our team for expert guidance and service you can count on.

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