Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

Washbasin with towel and decoration in bathroom

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Isn’t the idea of coming home to your own spa tempting? It is, especially if you spend your whole day working really hard. Having a special space in your home where you can just relax both your mind and your body is something that could help ease you of stress and tiredness.


You might be discouraged by the thought of transforming your bathroom into a spa, thinking it is going to be expensive for sure. We’re here to tell you that it is not necessarily so. There are some affordable ways that you can turn your simple bathroom into a relaxing spa just for you.


If you understand the concept “less is more” then you know what kind of look you have to go for to achieve a vibe that is similar to that of a spa. A minimalist style could do the trick.


  1. Paint your walls with an earthy tone. That means you should give the room a splash of nature-inspired colours like green, gray, and brown, among others. It would lend an organic and calming effect.


  1. Get some dimming bathroom lights for a more relaxing ambience. You can also opt for wall scones or recessed ceiling lights if you are the type of person who are into romantic bedtime baths. You might want to install dimmer controls too. Have a trusted professional do that for you as it could be quite difficult to do so.



  1. Use faux wood tiles to achieve a more relaxing atmosphere. Why faux wood and not the real thing? For one, it is never ideal to get wood flooring where it gets damp all the time. Faux wood tile is the perfect alternative for that.


  1. Keep your bathroom clutter-free. There is a reason spas keep their toiletries hidden and in perfect order. It’s time to go through all your stuff and get rid of old toiletries and perfumes that have not been used for months. By doing so, you end up with a big amount of cabinet space for items that really matter.


  1. Get yourself a massage shower head, and if the budget still allows, a soaking tub. Japanese tubs are much deeper than other tubs.



  1. Finally, complete this rejuvenating transformation through aromatherapy. Perhaps some peppermint soap for a refreshing morning shower? You can also make use of old diffusers and scented candles for that truly relaxing experience.


  1. You can also get a small speaker for your bathroom where you can plug in your phone to play some Zen music when you want or need to calm your being. It would be convenient to have a meditation playlist ready to access.


A trip to the spa can be quite pricey. And instead of having to pay for an hour or two of some relaxing time, it would be better to invest in transforming your bathroom to your very own spa that you can visit and enjoy anytime you want.

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