Jetted Bathtubs: The Pros and Cons

Luxurious master bathroom interior boasts jetted tub with curved windows facing the lake. Northwest, USA

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If you feel like nothing beats the spa-like experience of soaking in a warm, jetted bathtub, you might be leaning towards having one installed in your own home bathroom. However, this is not the kind of remodeling decision that anyone can take lightly – jetted tubs come with a lot of responsibility.



One of the good things about jetted bathtubs is that they are fairly straightforward. Whenever you want to, you can just soak in a warm, jetted bath! Now, if this is one of the reasons why you want to have a bathtub upgrade, then this is definitely one of the best purchases you can ever make!


Jetted bathtubs can also be an effective part of any health or physical therapy regimen, so if your physician recommended this for you or one of your family members, then you should also have an upgrade. For instance, if you have problems concerning sore joints and muscles, limited flexibility or poor circulation, you should ask your doctor whether occasional massages from jetted bathtubs can help.



All the relaxation and comfort that jetted bathtubs give comes at a price, though. Jetted bathtubs tend to start around $1,000 and can even go beyond $5,000 for those high-end models that come with bells and whistles. These prices do not even include installation costs yet. For even just a modest tub, it is reasonable to expect the total costs to come up to at least $2,000.


Installations can be a bit complicated because jetted bathtubs are large and heavy. You need to have a larger bathroom in order to accommodate one, and it might be necessary to build an above-floor platform in order to support the bathtub. You will also need an experienced plumber to discuss what it takes to install a jetted tub, and where you want it installed.


You should also keep in mind that since jetted bathtubs are much larger than standard ones, they use a lot more water (and hot water at that). So, you should also expect an increase in your water bill.


There is also the cleaning aspect that you have to consider. Cleaning processes can vary among models, and there are those higher-end models that feature self-cleaning cycles. Regular cleaning, however, cannot be ignored. Neglected bathtubs can become breeding grounds for mildew, mold, and algae.


Here are just some of the PROS and CONS of having jetted bathtubs at home. If you are still interested in having one installed at your home, please reach out to us today and we can answer any questions you have! We hope to hear from you soon.

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