How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal from Clogging

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Garbage disposals are a lifesaver. It gets rid of your whole household’s unwanted leftovers, peels, and stale or expired food. It’s one of those things that you just know would be there, one that you expect to work. Most of the time we take them for granted. That is, until it tries to win back our attention by getting clogged or worse, refusing to work!


Before this happens and causes a disaster, it is just more logical to make sure your garbage disposal is in tiptop shape, all the time. Here are some tips to help you keep them so:


  1. Run the garbage disposal regularly, even if there’s nothing to grind. Just turn on your water and run the garbage disposal to keep the parts moving. If you forget to do this, your disposal could freeze, rust, or even corrode. Another possibility is that those leftover debris inside can harden. This will result to foul odours and clogs, too.


  1. Let your disposal run longer even after it has finished grinding up garbage. Just keep the water and the disposal running for about a minute or two after it does its job to ensure everything has been flushed out to prevent any clogs in the future. It will also be beneficial if you just run cold water with a bit of dish soap down the drain to help clean it out thoroughly and remove any stink.


  1. Make sure you use cold water, not hot, when you use your garbage disposal. It is true that hot water is great for cleaning and disinfecting most things. Unfortunately it does not work as well with garbage disposals. Why? It melts food that is supposed to be ground, making waste cling to the sides. In contrast, cold water hardens food and makes them easier to grind up and be pushed out.


  1. Cut up waste into smaller pieces. Yes we hear your sighs. But it’s only logical to do so. Your garbage disposal has limitations and its motor and blades could only grind so much. Do not expect for it to work like a monster that would just gulp down large chunks and not be bothered at all. Go easy on it a bit by cutting your waste into ‘bite size’ pieces. That is, if you want to keep your garbage disposal longer and do not want to deal with a jammed or clogged disposal sooner or later.


  1. Do not put grease or oil, potato peels, big bones, glass, metal, plastic, or paper , and expandable foods. These things can easily clog your garbage disposal.


You need your garbage disposal to function well all the time. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you can enjoy its services for years to come.

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