Why You Should Keep Your Sump Pump Clean

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Most homeowners who have had a flood in their basements experience it without knowing that it could actually happen to them. Many believed they were safe as they were protected by a fully functioning sump pump, only to find (too late) that their sump pump malfunctioned because of neglect.
You see, your sump pump is indeed capable of doing its job really well – but only if you, too, do your job of periodically checking, cleaning, and maintaining it in good shape. These simple steps can help ensure that you’re protected and that you’d get the best possible performance from your sump pump:

Check for Any Problems

When it’s raining during spring or when snow’s melting, you have to remember to check your sump pump’s performance. See if it’s working as it should. If there’s an issue, it is important that you catch it early on. During dryer seasons, it’s still better to check on the condition of your sump pump every few weeks or so to make sure it’s running smoothly. You can do this by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit and see if it starts automatically.

Clean It Up!

As time passes, the filter screen of your sump pump will collect debris like pebbles, mud, and leaves. If these accumulate, you can expect that there would be clogs, pump shutoff, and even standing water in the basement. Always check if your filter needs cleaning, and clean the entire pit and pump too!
Once you are done wiping the filter clean, you can unplug the sump pump and the drain line and bring them outside where it will be more convenient to clean them. The disconnected drain line should be cleaned by hosing it down to flush out all clogs and debris. Rinse everything with water. Before you put the pump back, make sure the entire sump pit is clean and that you have removed everything that could possibly clog the drain line. Take time to check if the system is working by pouring a bucket of water into the pit.

By doing this very simple maintenance routine, you can help extend the lifespan of your sump pump. However, sump pumps will eventually wear out and when they do, you have to know that you’re putting your home at risk. So you also need to know when it is better to have your sump pump replaced. Call your trusted plumbing partner – Hayes Plumbing and we’ll be there to help keep your home safe and dry!

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