Kitchen Design Trends For 2016

kitchen design trends for 2016 -

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The kitchen is the heart of your home, and whether you spend significant time there or tend to just pass through, a beautiful, functional kitchen space where you can cook, chat, and carry on is always at the top of every homeowners list.

If you’re in the market for an upgrade, consider incorporating these hot new designs, expected to grace the counters and cupboards of newly renovated kitchens in 2016.

Subtle Cabinetry
As an overall aesthetic, clean lines and simple design have taken the world by storm, with kitchen design being no exception. Cabinet door styles have become much more simple and modern, with a view to long-term design flexibility.

Neutral Colours
For so many reasons it can be hard to commit to a single colour, but the good news in 2016 is
neutral tones, including white and grey, are back in a big way.

Sophisticated and refined, when used overall, more neutral, earthy tones work with many design elements, provide a sense of warmth, and still give you the option to add pops of bold colour elsewhere in the room.

All-White Everything
That said, white kitchens are catching on – simple, clean, and uncluttered, all-white everything kitchens are a fresh approach to the design in 2016, opening up and bringing light to this much loved, and oft-visited space.

Though totally gorgeous, a white kitchen may not be a smart, functional choice for every family – especially those with small kids (or big kids who forget to wash their hands). Instead, consider going white from the counter up, and doing lower cabinets and toe kick in a darker hue.

Form & Function
A poorly designed kitchen is the bane of every home cook’s existence, and design in 2016 aims to make this a thing of the past. No longer just a pretty space, smart homeowners are looking for solutions to utilize every inch of space when it comes to kitchen cabinetry – above, below, even in between. Think pullout shelving or a lazy Susan in corner cabinets.

In the kitchen, polished and brushed stainless steel has reigned supreme, but in recent years homeowners have begun to branch out opting for warm toned metallics like brass, gold and copper for their kitchen hardware. The devil is in the details – a hammered copper farmhouse sink, brass handles on the cabinets, even a gold faucet will add a sophisticated and refined touch to the best room in the house.

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