Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

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As the year 2017 is coming to an end and 2018 is just around the corner, most of you are now considering giving your home a makeover. Some of you might even be thinking of improving the looks of your kitchen. We do understand that the kitchen is the heart of today’s homes that is why it is important not to neglect improving its looks. However, you might still lack the knowledge of what designs would be trending this coming 2018. This article aims to provide you information on the top trending kitchen designs the coming year, so you would not feel left out. Here they are:


Go for Gray

If you are thinking of painting your cabinets, but do not know which color to go for, we suggest that you go for the color gray. In the past years, white cabinets are on the top of the trending list, however, experts say that the colour gray will be replacing the top spot next year!


Fresh Tones for Sinks

Just like with the kitchen cabinets, the colour white and stainless steel is slowly trending away from kitchen sinks. A colourful sink is the new way to go this coming 2018. With colours like, Greenwich green, Piccadilly yellow and Palermo blue, people who would see it will definitely be in love with the trendy colour.


Maximize Storage

On a modern day home, kitchen storage is becoming a constant issue. We suggest that you go for the trendy way to remedy this, and go for the clever multi-tiered drawers.


The Future is Here

Next year, we will be living in the year 2018. Sounds futuristic enough for automation to be one of the top trending kitchen designs. Advanced kitchen technology has undeniably made our lives easier, and going for an automated hands-free faucet is a good trendy idea! This will be perfect for homes who have small children who cannot reach the faucet handle yet.


Wood Countertops

If you want to improve the looks of your countertop as well, we are glad to inform you that your choices are no longer limited to granite, quartz and laminate. Wood countertops are coming in hot this coming 2018. If you want a bit of authenticity look in your kitchen, you can never go wrong with wood.


So, there you have it! These are the new top trending kitchen designs that you should go for this 2018. Got any additional thoughts? Feel free to share them to us today!

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