Leaky Garbage Disposals – How to Deal with Them

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One of the most significant and essential parts of your kitchen sink strategy is garbage disposal, and when something goes bad with it, you will definitely know. That is because there will be a really awful stench coming from it. The culprit—a leaking garbage disposal that you would want to get fixed as soon as possible. Here is what you need to do when things like this happen.


Why Does It Leak?

For starters, the sink flange might already be overused or too worn down. The sink flange is the piece that is attached between the drain of the sink and the garbage disposal itself. A malfunctioning drainpipe is another possible source of the leak. Evidently, the drainpipe going haywire is awful because that is the way liquid and bits and pieces of food are all transported away under ordinary conditions.

If none of those two is the source of the leak, then you might want to think about replacing your dishwasher as there could be something wrong with it. For example, it might be that the hose which connects trash disposals and the dishwasher may be loose or broken. However, if nothing goes wrong and the dishwasher is good, then it is likely an indication your trash disposal itself has sprung a leak.


So Where is the Leak?

Finding the source of the leak is the next big dilemma. In case the dishwasher’s is the issue, then what you might want to do is to find a replacement for it. If that is not the issue, then you will have to explore other possible causes and utilize the method of elimination to narrow it all down. Begin with draining off the flange from any liquid or moisture. Then plug in a stopper to the drain of the sink and then add a few inches of water on it. If you notice an unexpected moisture on the flange, then it is a symptom of a leak. If there is no drippage present, then remove the flange completely along with the plug.

Professional help is highly recommended when dealing with damaged or faulty garbage disposals. However, it might be that the plumbing will have to get repaired first. Either way, calling a professional plumber to go to your house and do an inspection is how you should do it before making any final decisions.


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