Let your Oshawa plumber explain the importance of getting a plumbing permit

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While there are some DIY Oshawa plumbing projects the average homeowner can take on, it’s important to remember the bigger jobs need to be handled by Oshawa plumber experts and the right permits are necessary. The building codes and other requirements these permits cover ensure a framework that protects the homeowner’s interests by:

  • Protecting the property value. If the plumbing project you undertake doesn’t comply with the codes in the province or municipality you live in, you could actually lose some of the equity built up when you go to sell after the renovation has been deemed unsafe and needs to be repaired.
  • Complying with insurance. Any issues or damages caused by work done without permits won’t be covered by homeowner’s insurance. Cutting corners here could wind up costing you more in the long run.
  • Ensuring safety. Any work done that complies with codes through plumbing permits reduces any potential hazards. This system of checks and balances that use permits and inspections add to the overall safety of the project.

An Oshawa plumber also understands that work done without the right permits might need to be fixed or removed and that compliance with the ordinances is very often the law and can’t be ignored.

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