Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Bathroom in Shape

woman doing chores in bathroom, cleaning faucet with spray detergent

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Bathroom maintenance is a vital part of keeping your house at its best. Most of the time, the value of a home falls when the bathroom is not looking well-maintained. Making sure that yours is clean and with all the fixtures functioning well not only will you save a considerable amount of money, but you will also help ensure your family’s health and safety.


Here are some tips that you can follow for regular bathroom maintenance:


Check the grout and sealant.

Always inspect the grout and sealant around the tiles in your bathroom or over a bathtub, and make sure they are intact. Constant heat and moisture exposure often leads to cracking and wearing, not to mention, mould and mildew growth. You can use oxygen bleach to clean them and to remove stains. If you notice missing grout, clean and dry the area, then apply new grout.


Watch out for signs of leaks.

You should regularly do this. Areas to check include around piping and spouts, as well as around the bathtub and toilet. If any leaks are ignored or left unattended, the problem could quickly progress and cause more trouble. Leaky pipes, especially, can cause moisture accumulation behind the walls and even collapsing ceilings. Also, ensure that the toilet is free from blockages and the flush is working properly.


Replace or reinstall loose tiles.

For those with a shower enclosure, make sure that the tiles are caulked properly. There should be no shifting or moving tiles either on the floor or on the walls. If there is any, remove them and reinstall or use new ones altogether. Do not forget to reapply the grout!


Cover your drains.

Making use of drain covers help block hair, dirt, and any particles that could possibly lead to clogging drains. This is a simple yet brilliant way to ensure that you avoid flooding in your bathroom too. If you notice a slow flow of water in the bathroom, immediately clean the drain and the grill that covers it.


Clean the bathrooms at least once a week.

Take note of the phrase “at least once a week”. If you really want to maintain your bathroom and make sure it stays in its best shape, make it a point to clean it as often as you can. Be thorough when you do it too. Clean the shower enclosure, sink, faucet, bathtub, mirrors, toilet, and the floors and walls. Avoid leaving moist clothes or rugs that could accumulate dirt, too.


A well-maintained bathroom is not only nice to look at. You also protect your family from bacteria and germs as well as possible disasters caused by a lack of maintenance.


If while doing your routine maintenance you notice a problem that you cannot handle, contact Hayes Plumbing and we’d be glad to assist you and make sure your bathroom is in excellent state.

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