How To Make Your Plumbing More Energy Efficient

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Today’s cost-conscious homeowner is searching for ways to balance their monthly expenditure and improve their savings. Reducing home water costs is one of the best methods for achieving this objective. By following expert strategies for plumbing efficiency, homeowners can reduce their water costs by thousands of dollars per year. Here, we’ll focus on several ways in which property owners can make their home water systems more energy efficient.

Invest in a Low Flow Toilet

Low-flow toilet systems have been honed in recent years by engineering teams intent on responding to market demand for high-efficiency technology. Toilets are one of the main areas of water use within the modern home. By having a professional plumber install a low flow toilet within their properties, homeowners can save more than $100 dollars per year and reduce their water consumption by up-to 60%.

Upgrade/Repair Faucets

One area known for causing excessive water use is faucets. Faucets account for as much as 15% of the annual water consumption in the average Canadian home. Property owners can, therefore, reduce their consumption by replacing leaky faucets with modern systems. High-efficiency systems can help to reduce the amount of water coming from the faucet by 30% each year. Homeowners might also consider simply repairing their older faucets to achieve a much-needed boost in water-use efficiency.

Replace Malfunctioning Shower-Heads

The standard showerhead uses as much as 25 liters of water per minute. This makes it a leading area in the home in terms of water usage. Homeowners can conserve water significantly by both replacing malfunctioning systems and installing high efficiency shower heads. Homeowners can also mitigate over-use of water by simply taking a bath instead of a shower. With the average bath holding 70 liters of water, and the average shower using 25 liters per minute, the savings will add up over time!

Maintaining plumbing efficiency can help Canadians in their environmental commitment to water conservation. It can also ensure that thousands of dollars are saved on those annual water costs! It’s therefore imperative that homeowners explore their plumbing efficiency options in 2014. To learn more about the latest high-efficiency products on the market, speak with our trusted specialists today.

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