How to Make the Most out of a Tiny Bathroom

Bathroom with light

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Have you seen those TV shows or magazines with those luxurious bathrooms where you can probably stay all day without feeling the need to ever leave? You probably know the feeling of not having one like them. If you are like most of us, you probably feel like your bathroom is shrinking every day. While that, of course is impossible, we still cannot deny the claustrophobic effect a small bathroom can give.


That concern is understandable. That is why we have rounded up some simple hacks that you can do to make the most of your tiny bathroom. They may not seem much but they can really make a difference.


1. Why not use spice racks to organize all your stuff? Instead of having them accumulate into an unsightly clutter or insist on a space-consuming counter, these spice racks can be easily installed on your walls to keep your shampoos and lotions in neat lines.


2. Look for smart storage solutions! Maximize the space in your cabinet. You can find pods that you can stick on the door of your cabinet. More importantly, get read of all the products that have hit pan.


3. Design-wise, you can create or add a focal point that could draw visual attention to just a single place. A minimalist aesthetic is perfect for small bathrooms. You can also opt for a larger mirror. Contrary to what most people think that a small bathroom requires a tiny mirror, a large one will actually allow reflection of more space. It’s a really neat visual trick!


4. Do not settle for just one towel rod behind your door. That is a lot of unused space right there. Maximize its use! If it’s possible to install three, you can do just that. You can also choose to have coat hooks instead of rods. That way you can hang more on a single side of the bathroom.


5. If you have a storage cabinet, then please get some pull-out drawers. Save yourself from bumps and bruises when you try to reach the back of a cabinet for something. These lifesavers are not that expensive so there’s no reason for you not to get them.


There you go; five simple hacks that could make your time in the bathroom a little less suffocating. Remember, we may not all be blessed with a bathroom fit for a magazine cover, but it doesn’t mean we should get defeated by something as simple and fixable as a small space.


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