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If you have a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen, then you already know how important this tool is when you are cleaning up after your meals. Garbage disposals substantially minimize the amount of food waste that you have to throw into your trash bin. It helps keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean while also cutting down the amount of time it takes to clear plates. It increases the efficiency of your dishwasher, too.



Truly garbage disposals are an integral part of most kitchens. Unfortunately like other appliances, they tend to wear and tear, and eventually start malfunctioning. When that time comes, you would have to replace your unit. On average, garbage disposals last from five to ten years.  If your garbage disposal unit are beginning to cause trouble and is quite near the end of its life expectancy, your best option is to look for a garbage disposal unit replacement.




Continuous feed and batch feed disposals are the two main types of garbage disposal units. Which type is the best for your home, you ask? It actually depends on how much food waste you have and your regular usage. Continuous feed disposals are a common choice because they just require flipping a switch to be activated. But you have to remember that you have to keep your water running as long as your disposal is running to flush food and prevent the appliance from clogging.



In contrast, batch feed disposals require their caps or else they won’t run. This type of disposal is meant to be filled and activated to process food waste in separate batches. Batch feed disposals are preferred by households that generate small amounts of food waste. They are also perfect for parents who want to protect their little kids from accidental injuries and non-food items falling into and damaging the disposal.



When you are choosing a replacement, you may also consider other options other than continuous and batch function garbage disposals. Know that the type of material affects the cost of the disposal, as well as its functionality and lifespan. Garbage disposals are usually manufactured from stainless steel or aluminum. The latter is less expensive when you buy them but they can be prone to corrosion and leaks. Stainless steel on the other hand would cost you more upfront, but will protect that space beneath the sink better and increase the number of years you get to use the system.



Hayes Plumbing is here to help you keep your kitchen safe and efficient with installation, repair, and replacement services for garbage disposals. We have a range of other plumbing solutions that can help provide a comfortable and safe home for your family.


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