Oshawa plumber tips for avoiding contractor fraud

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Even though the good ones far outnumber the bad, there are less than reputable contractors your local Oshawa plumbing experts want you to avoid. Following are a few easy steps that start any relationship out on the right foot for homeowners generally and seniors specifically.

Your peace of mind for any Oshawa plumbing renovation you undertake should rest on clear and thorough documentation. Among other things, this needs to include detailed descriptions of the work that’s going to be done along with sketches where those are appropriate. Of course, you need to have the full price detailed, as well as terms of payment and the types and quantities of materials used.

Any warranties also need to be covered. A trustworthy tradesperson will be specific here and tell you what’s covered, for how long and what the procedure is if problems occur. A note of caution. Watch out for anyone selling lifetime warranties with their work since these are generally only good for as long as the Oshawa plumbing company is in business.

Finally, make sure the Oshawa plumber you’ve selected finishes the job. If he or she says they’ll be back in few days to complete what’s not done, but sure to tell them they can pick up their payment then too.

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