Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Appliances’ Economy Settings

Close Up Of Man Setting Economy Cycle On Dishwasher

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If your dishwasher or your washing machine has been purchased just in the last few years, it is highly probable that it already comes with economy settings. If you have not noticed it, then you probably have never used your appliance in this conservation mode.


Find out more about when these economy settings are actually a good idea and when they could possibly cost you more in utility bills.


If you notice, most models of dishwashers, washing machines, and hot water heaters have a setting that allows for further conservation. Ideally, eco-settings for plumbing installations save you money a couple in two ways – one is when water consumption is reduced, and two, when less electricity or gas is used to heat the water. That is mainly what you get, in addition to knowing that you are also reducing your contribution to carbon emissions and municipal reservoirs.


However, you should not overlook this option’s potential to decrease the function of your appliances that they may not even meet your own standards. For example, if you use your appliance’s eco-setting and it couldn’t perform the job it is meant to do, you might end up having to repeat the process – using more water, energy, and money, compared to when you operated it in its normal setting.


Be Extra Careful When Purchasing

What could really be troubling is if you select a particular appliance because of its conservation claims, only to find out that that very same feature or setting does not work satisfactorily. It could be, you would have been better off with a different unit.


You should remember, though, that the way you use your appliance plays a big role on how it would perform as well. For example, loading a dishwasher more than what is recommended or if you use settings that are not appropriate for a certain task, then you should expect that it will really not work properly. Whether it is in its economy mode or not will have no effect whatsoever. That is why it is also very important to follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Rule out any misuse before blaming the eco-setting.


How would you know you get the right appliances? Of course, you should check for the Energy Star rating. Do some research and see some reviews of real users so you would have an idea how they have worked out with other people. If it’s a plumbing installation, you can get in touch with our experts at Hayes Plumbing and we can help you figure out your best options.

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