(Perfectly Funny) Gifts For Plumbers

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When you deal with deal with dirt all day, you learn to appreciate the lighter side of life. Know someone who needs a laugh? These gag gifts are great for the plumbers, fitters and technicians in your life who take their jobs seriously, but know when to poke fun at themselves.

Toilet Coffee Mug
Everyone loves a good cup of joe, and the thought of taking our first sip of the day from the bowl of this Toilet Coffee Mug has us giggling. The product description says it all:

“Why should dogs be the only ones allowed to drink out of the toilet? This silly toilet-shaped mug holds up to 12 -ounces of your favourite hot beverage and will gross out anyone who has a weak stomach.”

And, like the real deal, the truly creative folks have re-purposed this particular mug into a mini toilet planter, a dish for candy, and even to hold floating candles. So many uses!

Of course, if you’re a tea fan, you may prefer this one cup Victorian era “Water Closet” tea pot instead…

Hot & Cold Cufflinks
Even plumbers need to clean up every now and then, but just because you’re in a suit doesn’t mean you can’t show off your sense of humour, and pride in your work! These fancy Hot & Cold faucet cufflinks are the perfect way to add a little whimsy to your look.

I Am The God Of Hot Water T-shirt
You know this t-shirt just is saying what every plumber is thinking… Behold, the power of the pipes! A plumber is nothing if not modest…

Keep Calm & Listen To A Plumber
Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree… This ceramic ornament will offer sage advice in the event of an unexpected plumbing emergency over the holidays.

Plunger Cell Phone Stand
There may come a time when even the most seasoned plumber needs to Google some strange thing he’s come across, or just FaceTime with the family while he’s busy working on a pipe. This cute suctioning plunger stand will prop up his smartphone so he can remain hands free while he does his thing.

Atlas Of A Plumber’s Brain T-Shirt
If you’ve ever wondered just what your plumber was thinking as he’s elbow deep in your drain, this t-shirt will give you a pretty good idea. “You tried to flush WHAT?” That sounds about right…

Not sure whether you should flush or toss it? Check out our blog post on Thing You Should Never Flush Down The Drain.

Remote Control Toilet
A teeny toilet zipping by? We’ll take this remote controlled mini commode over a car or drone any day. You may want to l t every one in the house know it’s only for show – one unlucky reviewer learned that the hard way.

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