Plumbing 101: How to maintain a problem free water system for your house

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Whether you’ve just bought your first place or are living in your second or even third home, people want to know about their plumbing and how to maintain the system to prevent repairs where they can.

Oshawa plumbing professionals can provide some great tips that will help you out. Being aware is one of the first steps and that means looking for signs of copper pipe corrosion. Aside from causing leaks that can cost you more money in water bills, corroded pipes can actually cause water to become highly acidic and non drinkable. Bluish green stains indicate there’s a problem developing, and although installing clamps over pinhole leaks will solve the issue temporarily, it’s important to call in an Oshawa plumbing expert to make permanent repairs when you find this problem.

There are other things you can do to maintain a problem free water system in your home and knowing how to test the water pressure is a good way to find sediment accumulations or a larger problem with the supply lines. Low pressure shows up in faucets with a flow that trickles and any of a number of different kinds of leaks can result in this issue. Checking the water meter is a great way to confirm low water pressure is the result of a leak.

Take a look at your water meter reading before you go to bed and again in the morning. If the numbers indicate you’ve used some water overnight when none of the appliances were running, chances are your low water pressure means there’s a leak in a pipe somewhere and you’ll need to call in an Oshawa plumbing technician to fix the problem.

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