Plumbing Damage – A Concern for Most Historic Homes

Plumber working on pipes.

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Most plumbers would agree when we say that old house plumbing repairs often come with challenges that you never have to deal with in newer houses. In fact, if you work on a house that is older than 1970, you can expect a little craziness when it comes to plumbing repairs.


Often, the problem is rooted from aged and very outdated plumbing materials like cast iron drain pipes, galvanized steel water supply lines, and clay sewer lines.


One of the most common issues is water pressure. Problems arise because of the galvanized steel pipes that are always rusting and closing up after a few years. The use of galvanized steel water supply lines has stopped before the 1970s as new materials (copper and plastic) became the industry standard. However, for historic homes, galvanized steel pipes are still quite common. If it’s a minor problem, then repair work may do the trick. But if it’s a big issue, it’s a better idea to just replace all the lines with a new material. It’s also wiser to have a professional plumber from a reliable company like Hayes Plumbing to inspect the lines with a camera to make sure that nothing is broken or collapsed, as this could let sewage back up into the home.


Even if the pipes are somewhat updated, there may still be plumbing leaks hidden that you should know about. Also, make sure that the water is tested and that it is safe to drink and use. You can have water filtration systems installed, too.


Water damage is also a huge problem with historic homes, especially those that are built before the ‘20s or ‘30s. This is often seen in houses with damaged roofs. Of course, if this is a case, the problem goes beyond plumbing. In fact, if there is water damage in the ground, that can greatly affect the foundation’s integrity and the overall safety of the house.


Doing plumbing repairs on aged homes can also be challenging because of the craftsmanship which is somewhat old-fashioned. For example, thick wood framing and plaster walls were often used in older homes instead of drywall. While they are indeed stronger than newer houses, that also means cutting or drilling into a wall is much more difficult.


If you live in a historic home or you are considering purchasing one, it’s best that you hire a respected plumber to take care of all plumbing repairs and to do a thorough inspection. Hayes Plumbing can do all that for you. Call us today!

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