How Plumbing Fixtures Can Lower Your Utility Bills

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Are you getting a little too frustrated about your utility bills? Then you should not neglect or ignore your water consumption. Most households focus on energy efficiency, without stopping to think if there are ways to save some in your plumbing system.


Well, there are some water-efficient fixtures that can help you save both water and some money, too!


Sink Fixtures

The National Plumbing Code does not mandate the use of water efficient fixtures and instead references the CSA B125 that dictates the maximum flow rate at 8.3 Lpm for residential lavatories and kitchen faucets. But you can find fixtures with an output of 5.67 Lpm.  With more efficient sink fixtures, your household can save up to 2650 litres in a year.



There are ultra-low flow toilets that only use 4.8 litres per flush or even less. That’s a whole lot better compared to the 6 litres other units use or worse, the wasteful 22 liters per flushed that were used for older toilets.



Most families use up to 151 litres of water a day in the shower, which is about 17% of the total household water usage. Using an ultra-low flow showerhead can greatly help you minimize your water consumption. This type of showerhead only uses about 7.5 litres of water per minute or even less.


The savings you can make won’t just be in your water bill. For example, if you use a low-flow showerhead that means you will also need less hot water, and of course, less energy to heat it up. That’s a save on two bills, right?


Of course, there’s more to it than just the money you get to save. Everywhere in the world, droughts are happening. In the upcoming decades, there might be difficulties in meeting the demands for agricultural, commercial, industrial, and even residential use. Investing in a very efficient plumbing system today means that you are doing more than simply cutting down on utility bills – you are actually able to do your part in helping make the world better. Just imagine the difference it would make if every household upgrades to fixtures that can conserve more water.


If you want to lower your bills and conserve water in your house with more water-efficient fixtures, you can always contact Hayes Plumbing. You can also call us for any other plumbing concerns. We’d be more than happy to give you advice and provide you with our best services.

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