Do Plumbing Fixtures Make a Difference?

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When we’re asked ‘do plumbing fixtures make a difference?’ we respond the same—absolutely! Plumbing fixtures provide a number of noticeable, tangible differences to your home: from adding to your home’s value to being decorative accent pieces. Consider the following ways that plumbing fixtures truly make a difference:

They are Statement Pieces

When you walk into a bathroom what do you notice? On your list, after paint job, is likely the sink and faucet, the shower (and the most noticeable piece after the tile job is the knobs and shower head) and the towel rack (you wouldn’t think this is a focal piece but pay attention to what you look at next time you visit a new washroom).  The fixtures in a bathroom—and kitchen—are all focal points. To see the noticeable difference, have a look at bathrooms and kitchens with average-looking fixtures and rooms with statement pieces like Moen or Kohler.

Home Value

If you had a choice between two identical homes, one with upgraded fixtures (statement pieces!) and one with standard home-renovation store fixtures—which one would you buy? Most homebuyers would buy the one with upgraded fixtures because they add value and distinction to a home. Reading MLS listings easily demonstrates the importance of fixtures—just look at how many home-sales ads say “upgraded fixtures”.


High-end fixtures cost more for a reason—they use better materials that stand the test of time. High-end plumbing fixtures are generally made from extremely-durable finishing treatments like chrome and PVD coating. They are so durable in fact that they generally come with extremely long warranties. If a hurricane were to blow your house down the only things left would be your basement…and fancy fixtures.

If you’re considering which plumbing fixtures to use in your home—call the experts here at Hayes.  We can lay out a few options and help you decide the best value for your needs.

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