Plumbing Leaks and Households Pests

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Who likes a plumbing leak? It’s a waste of water and money, it’s messy, and with the cleaning you have to do, it’s frustrating too. As if those are not enough, here are other awful things that come with leaks – household pests. If you are like many homeowners, this particular consequence is not something that you’d immediately think of, right? Well, you should.

Insects and rodents have to look for water in order for them to survive, and unlike humans who need at least eight glasses per day, they only require a little amount. How little? A few droplets can satiate a cockroach’s thirst, and a small puddle under your kitchen sink is definitely an oasis for them.

While the occurrence of pests does not always mean there’s a leak in your plumbing, it’s still a good idea to do a little investigation. Be observant and see where the pests are often sighted and check all the areas with running water.

Check under the refrigerator, as well as the water lines that lead to your appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine, and more. Open all the cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen. See if there is moisture under the u-shaped pipe bend coming from your sink drains and under your garbage disposal.

Once you have confirmed that there is a leak, you should not put off having it repaired. Placing traps ad poisons might take care of what’s infesting you at the moment, but as long as the leak is there, you can bet that there will always be pests in your home. Call Hayes Plumbing to have one of your trusted plumbers fix it for you in no time at all!

There is another plumbing-related element that you could be letting those household pests into your very own home and that would be the seals that surround the plumbing pipes that come through the walls.

To make sure you do not have this problem at home, also inspect the spots where your plumbing pipes enter the wall. These should be sealed with either metal plates, foam insulation, or rubber gaskets. If you find any gaps, then that could be how those pesky pests get into your house.

Don’t fret! Whatever plumbing problem may be causing an infestation, whether it’s a leak or some sealing problem, Hayes Plumbing can solve it for you. Call us today and be ready to say goodbye to those tiny unwanted house guests!

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