Plumbing Tips You Need to Know if You’re Renting

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There are many advantages of renting, including lower maintenance costs, the easy option of moving when the lease ends, and more. But while your landlord owns the house, it does not excuse you from any responsibilities, especially when it comes to keeping the place in shape.


You can enjoy a great lease term and also max out your deposit refunds at the end of your lease by following these plumbing tips:


  • Before moving in, you have to know your rights. Among them, living in a highly habitable property ranks first. Your landlord is required to keep all the units in good condition – make sure that the roof is not leaking, there’s hot and cold water available, the plumbing, heating, and electrical systems are all in good working condition, and overall, structurally safe.
  • Learn more about the plumbing system of the home. Inquire about previous plumbing issues and other important information. If possible, ask other renters. You should know beforehand if the pipes are prone to freezing or if there was any issue with the sewer in the past.
  • While you are renting, you can protect your drain by using a strainer in your tubs and sinks. Strainers can easily catch debris like food particles and hair that could clog your pipes. Avoid pouring oils and grease down your drain, too.
  • Set your water heater to just the right temperature. This can help you avoid scalding water burns and even allow you to lower your bill if you are paying for your hot water too.
  • Be more careful when using your fixtures and appliances. Even little things like using your garbage disposable and flushing your toilet can cost you if you accidentally damage them while you’re renting.
  • Know your tools. You want to minimize the number of calls you make to your landlord. So start getting to know those simple plumbing tools that can help you.


Talk to your landlord about the important things, like how to turn off the water if an emergency occurs. You also have to find out which plumbing responsibilities are you accountable for. Some landlords prefer to take care of their units. In case you are indeed expected to handle all the plumbing problems that might happen while you’re renting, Hayes Plumbing is always ready to assist you. You can contact us and we’ll send one of our highly-trained technicians to fix any plumbing concern.

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