Plumbing Tips for Pet Lovers

cleaning dog with bucket and brush

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For homeowners who are also pet lovers, this article is for you! Have you thought how your plumbing at home can affect your pets and vice versa? We know that this is an interesting concept to consider, so we have gathered a few tips that you should take into consideration if you own pets:


#01. During your pets’ bath time, use drain stoppers or strainers in your sink or tub. If you are planning on giving your pet a bath, then it is best to use a strainer or stopper to block animal hair from entering your drain. We know that there are some pets who love to shed, so by protecting your drains during their bath time, you are also preventing your drain from clogging.


#02. Keep your toilet lid closed. Do you find your pet licking the toilet bowl water? If you do, we greatly suggest that you, and everybody in your home, get into the habit of keeping the toilet lid closed. The residue left from the chemicals and cleaners you use to keep your toilet clean can be harmful if ingested – both by animals and humans.


#03. Cat litter does not belong down the toilet. In order to avoid a clogged toilet, it is wise to only flush toilet paper and waste. Kitty litter SHOULD NOT BE FLUSHED DOWN.


#04. Watch how deep your pet dogs dig in the backyard. Sewer and/or water lines can sometimes be found as shallow as 18 inches underneath the surface of your lawn. If your dogs love to dig holes, make sure that they are not digging deep enough where they might put a hole through your water or sewer line.


#05. Ensure that all the shower heads and faucets in your home have pressure-balancing valves. Have you ever experienced being in the shower and then somebody flushes the toilet and the temperature gets increasingly hot? We have probably all been there. When you have pressure-balancing valves installed, however, then you can avoid having this problem in your sinks and shower. This also greatly reduces the risk of scalding your pets during bath time!


#06. Pet-proof your home. If you have small, caged animals, make sure that your floor drains in the lowest level of your home are covered.



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