The Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

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Homeowners considering a kitchen renovation in the coming months require the latest information on design trends to help create their ideal environment.  As 2014 comes to a close, it’s now time to look ahead to 2015 and the design trends that are set to become prominent within the kitchen renovation marketplace. In this blog, we’ll highlight the most popular kitchen design trends for 2015.

Quartz Countertops

The additional durability offered by quartz makes the material ideal for use within kitchen countertops. It’s increasingly the choice of condo builders and homeowners looking to revitalize their kitchen for the long-term. Choosing quartz material allows the homeowner to select their ideal colour, texture and pattern for a seamless fit within the kitchen space.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Each year, it seems homeowners are becoming more focused on energy efficiency. And in 2015, this commitment to efficiency is set to increase with the integration of LED lighting, energy efficient dishwashers and faucets designed to limit water waste. Homeowners will be on the lookout for high efficiency seems that also add to the aesthetic value of the property.

Wood Flooring

Many homeowners are now considering adding wood flooring to their kitchen space. Wood flooring brings a natural appeal to the kitchen area and can offer a low maintenance appeal that helps deliver value over the long-term.

Open Concept Kitchens

Kitchens are now becoming the family’s meeting place within the home. It’s important for many homeowners that they have enough space in the kitchen for the whole family and any guests. And this has led to the popularity of open concept kitchens within the kitchen design marketplace. Open concept kitchens provide a clean aesthetic appeal that opens the environment to the rest of the home.

Rounded Edges

In recent years, there’s been a significant move away from sharp edges that characterized a functional, uninviting kitchen space. With kitchens becoming the meeting place within the home, many designers are now using rounded edges on countertops and appliances to help home residents move around more easily.

The new design trends in 2015 are destined to combine functionality and streamlined appeal to make the kitchen a welcoming and practical home space. To learn more on the latest trends within the marketplace, contact our trusted team directly.



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