Precautions to take when replacing your electric hot water heater

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So, you’ve been talking with a plumber in Oshawa and looking at bathroom renovations, you need to look at safety as a critical element. As important as safety is with work in the washroom, there’s an even bigger need to be careful when replacing a hot water heater so those new renovations work to their fullest.

Here’s a few considerations you and your Oshawa plumber should look at before any of the work starts.

Make sure the power is off. Working safely means eliminating the possibility of electric shock. Start by turning the water heater supply off at the breaker. Testing the wires leading to the appliance is another great idea to be doubly sure you’re okay to start work.

Of course, qualified Oshawa plumbing professionals know more than just the electricity needs to be shut off before they go ahead with the job. Shutting off the hot water supply to the house will help to prevent accidents or slips and falls on wet surfaces. Attaching one end of a garden hose to the tank and running the other end to a location where the hot water won’t scald anyone requires some careful planning and awareness.

Finally, remember that old hot water heaters can be heavy. It’s a good idea to make some plans here to have some help with the lifting.

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