Preparing your Plumbing for Cold Weather

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With the cold weather now officially here across Ontario and the temperatures dropping as a result, homeowners must now be proactive in preparing their home for the coming depths of winter. By closely following the guidance of professionals, homeowners can protect their plumbing systems and ensure optimal performance throughout the winter. In this blog, we’ll look how to prepare plumbing for cold weather.

Insulate Outdoor and Exposed Piping

Colder temperatures pose a significant danger to pipes. That’s because the water within pipes can freeze and expand, causing the structure to crack and eventually break. For those with piping that is exposed to the elements in uninsulated areas such as crawlspaces and attics, it’s important to insulate the piping to prevent the pipes from freezing. Professionals can help complete this work by wrapping pipes in electrical heating tape and then insulating them.

Fix All Leaks in the Home

During the wintertime, even the smallest of leaks can lead to an expensive problem. It’s important that homeowners take the time to review their property to check for any sign of leaks before the temperatures drop. Homeowners with insulated pipes should check the insulation for moisture that might have been soaked in after a hidden leak in the system. Any leaks detected should be immediately resolved to help protect against long-term structural damage to the property.

Protect Outside Hose Bibs

In areas where winter temperatures remain low for long periods, homes often have a dedicated shut off valve that allows homeowners to turn the water to the hose bib off. But for other homeowners, it’s important to remove any garden hoses from their outside bibs and then drain any water within the hose before storing it. Removing the hose will help protect against water staying trapped and freezing within the system over winter. Homeowners can then protect their hose bibs by insulating them with specifically designed hose bib covers over winter.

Effective winterization of a home plumbing system can help save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs over the winter season. To learn more on the winterization process, contact our expert team today for more information.

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