Problem Water? How to Diagnose Home Water Issues

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Problem water is…well, a problem for millions of homes across the country at one point or another. Far too many of them however go untreated.

Untreated water issues can make cleaning harder and hair greasier (as with hard water) and cause health issues due to the water quality. Stop the madness! Diagnosing home water issues is relatively easy to do—and correcting them is often just as simple.

How to Diagnose Home Water Issues and Problem Water 

To figure out what your home problem water issues are, you needn’t do more than simply look at it, smell it and taste it—because we all have built-in taste and smell detectors! Here are a list of things to help you sort out what your water issues may be:

A Rotten Egg Smell

A rotten egg smell indicates that your water contains too much hydrogen sulfide. This is an issue for your plumbing as it can prematurely erode plumbing materials and piping.

It Smells/Tastes like Chlorine

If your water smells and/or tastes like chlorine…it probably has too much chlorine! Shocker right? Too much chlorine in your water is harsh on skin, can be dangerous to drink over the long-term and can irritate eyes.

Your Water is Foggy

‘Foggy’ water generally indicates that there are tiny particles floating in your water. It could be dirt, dust, run-off, sand or other materials. Call us to determine what it is and how it can be fixed.

A Metallic Smell and/or Taste

A metallic smell or taste in your water indicates that you have too much iron and/or manganese in your water. Too much iron is a nuisance as it leaves iron deposit stains, creates scaling on pipes and appliances and damages the finish on fixtures. 

Blue/Green Stains

Blue- and/or green-coloured stains means that your water is too acidic. Acidic water eats away at the finish on fixtures and pipes—and stains sinks, tubs and showers.

Hard Water

Hard water is a little harder to diagnose as you can’t always taste or smell it. You can tell it is there by looking at how much scum and build up it leaves on your bath tub and shower. It will also leave a film on your hair and skin and it causes soap to not lather. It also damages water heaters and other water-using appliances and can clog pipes.

If your home has any of the above water problems—then you will want to consider installing a water filtration system to fix your problem water. Call us for a quote, and for reasons why your family will benefit from cleaner, healthier water.

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