Products to consider while renovating your home bathroom

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Ask any Oshawa plumber and they’ll tell you that changing out a faucet or snaking a clogged drain are the easier parts of their jobs. Ask those same professionals what takes careful planning and some big choices and they’ll mention bathroom renovations. Taking the time to plan this job carefully always pays off in the long run.

Start by looking at the faucets that are both functional and elegant. Whether you’re looking at the elegance of a one handle high arc model or the simplicity of a chrome handle low arc choice, you can’t go wrong with brand names like Moen Faucets that come complete with reflective chrome finishes that look great with any décor and industry leading limited lifetime warranties.

Choosing the right bathtub means being aware that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to bathroom renovations. Oshawa plumbers usually suggest a 60 inch tub is good enough for most people and an angled back and lip provides adequate neck support. Take the time to look for quality here and sitting in the tub to get a good feel is a smart practice. Just like with the faucets, you get more variety with the top of the line names here like Mirolin & Maax bathtubs.

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