Proper Hot Water Tank Maintenance

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If you’re reading this then you’ve likely heard something about the importance of hot-water tank maintenance. Should you know all about this, then skip below to where we offer you our professional hot water tank maintenance tips—but if you don’t realize the true importance, then read more to understand why you should maintain and clean your hot-water heater.

Why Clean your Hot Water Heater?
There are a number of reasons to maintain a clean and effective hot-water heater, including:

  • Energy efficiency in hot water heaters is only possible with an effectively-running unit.
  • Sediment and minerals build up in the bottom of the tank, which displaces the water, which delays the heating of water and eats greater amounts of energy (so less energy efficiency).
  • To extend the lifecycle of your heater (a healthy heater is a long-lasting, happy heater!).

Ensuring a clean hot water heater is important to the functionality, lifecycle and efficiency of a heater, and should be taken seriously—which is why we’ve got your back with these 2, critical hot water tank maintenance tips.

2 Critical Hot Water Tank Maintenance Tips
To make this process extremely easy for you we’ve broken down the process into two simple steps:

1.Drain/Clean your Tank

Efficiency only occurs in a clean tank, so be sure to regularly drain the bottom of your tank to prevent a build-up of sediment and minerals—which can cause the unit to corrode, breakdown and lose efficiency. Depending on the hardness of your water (which determines the mineral and sediment build up) you may need to empty the tank once a month, once a year or once every few years. Consult your tank’s manual for details (or determine by the rate of build up based on how often it needs to be emptied). Schedule regular cleaning dates in your smartphone to ensure you don’t forget…because cleaning your hot-water heater isn’t likely high on your priority list (or fun to-do list!).

2.Check your Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

Checking your T&P pressure-relief valve is critical, because it ensures a healthy pressure level in your tank. Without a healthy balance of heat and pressure (aka too much heat and/or pressure) can result in scaling inside the tank, explosive steam and a breakdown of your hot-water system. 

If you suspect you have a problem with your hot water tank—call us today for an in-home consultation, because hot-water issues need to be addressed immediately.

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