A Quick Guide to Preparing Your Home Plumbing for Fall

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While the summer sun continues to shine down on us, it won’t be long now until we notice the temperature begin to drop again as fall makes its way across Ontario. To help ensure your home is ready for the fall season, it’s important to understand the plumbing checks that are required at this time of the year and so within this post, our team will help provide a quick guide to preparing your home plumbing for fall.

Disconnect Your Hose When the Weather begins to Cool

One of the leading mistakes many homeowners make when the temperatures cool is leaving their hose outside and connected to the water system. It’s important to disconnect the water during the late summer and early fall time in order to prevent the water freezing in the hose, and potentially backing up into your home pipes.

Ensure All Hot Water System is Working to Peak Condition

Many homeowners only find their hot water system is broken when they go to take that hot and relaxing shower after work during a cool fall or winter day. Make sure you’re ready for this potential challenge by speaking with a professional plumbing company about analyzing your hot water system. Company experts can help spot potential issues and ensure the system is performing well ahead of the drop in temperatures.

Fix All Leaking Faucets

While most homeowners will be proactive in responding to a leaking faucet in a bathroom or kitchen area, few respond quickly to leaking outdoor faucets. Leaving this problem too late can cause large areas of ice to build up in and around your home and so it’s important to check your exterior faucets while the weather is still warm, to prevent any further leak issues when the temperatures cools.

By following through on required home plumbing maintenance during this late summer period, you can keep your home’s systems working to peak performance throughout the cooler periods in the year. It’s how you can save money on water use and keep your home operating effectively! To learn more on home plumbing maintenance, speak with our trusted experts directly today! Qualified plumbers are now just a phone call away!

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