How to Quickly Identify a Plumbing Leak

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When a plumbing system begins to leak, it’s imperative that homeowners react as quickly as possible to protect their property against potential water damage. But many homeowners struggle to identify plumbing leaks until it’s already too late in the process. That’s why our team is now showcasing the professional methods for identifying a leak within home plumbing systems.


Check the Water Meter 

Most modern water meters are now equipped with a leak detector component that helps highlight problems within the home’s plumbing systems. The leak detector is in the form of a red or blue triangle on the face of the water meter. If this triangle is moving despite all the water systems in the home being shut off, then it’s a sure-fire sign there’s a leak somewhere in the property.

Those whose meter doesn’t feature a leak detection component can still use the system to check for a leak. First they must write down the numbers on the meter. Then wait 30 minutes while ensuring that all water systems are turned off in the home. If the meter has moved, then it’s likely there’s a leak in the home.


Learn to Identify the Signs

The first step in responding to a plumbing leak involves identifying the signs of a leak. Homeowners may find that their wallpaper is peeling along the wall. The wallpaper may also start to bulge, when water has entered the home through the drywall. Another prominent sign of a water leak is a change in the wall paint or wallpaper. Homeowners might also notice mildew growth along the walls in bathroom or kitchen areas.


Contact the Professionals

When homeowners suspect a leak within their home after noticing the signs and testing the water meter, it’s time to contact the professionals to ensure that the leak is property identify and resolved. Professionals can use various types of camera equipment to look into home piping and test the systems for leaks. They can also deploy equipment to identify the sounds of leak underground and within home walls.


By identifying the signs of a plumbing issue quickly and calling a plumber at the first sign of trouble, responsive leak repair work can be achieved. If you suspect a leak in your property, contact our trusted team today.

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