How to Reduce Plumbing Issues in Condos

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Condo buildings come with their own set of plumbing challenges. With many Canadians now favouring the condo lifestyle over homeownership, millions are now experiencing issues that are unique to condo owners. To help ensure these issues can be mitigated over time, we’ll outline several condo plumbing maintenance strategies.

Clean the Showerhead to Ensure Optimal Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a constant issue within many condo buildings across the country. But property owners can help prevent this issue with a few simple maintenance strategies. One technique to improve water pressure is to clean the showerhead. Condo owners can simply fill a sandwich bag with white distilled vinegar and then place the bag over the showerhead, while tying it with a rubber band. By leaving the bag on the showerhead overnight, the contaminants that have clogged the showerhead will be removed.

Prevent Frozen and Burst Pipes by Running Hot and Cold Water Regularly

Condo owners can play their part in protecting their condo community from the dangers of frozen and burst pipes by simply running their hot and cold water regularly throughout the winter season. Having the hot water drip slowly during the coldest of winter days can ensure there’s enough heat within the system to prevent freezing.

Check Drain Hoses and Plumbing Connections on Appliances to Prevent Leaks

One of the leading causes of leaks within condominium buildings is improper maintenance of washing machines and dishwashers. For condo owners with their own washing machine systems, it’s important to check the drain hose and the plumbing connection to the machine on a regular basis. It’s also important to call a plumber the moment moisture is spotted on the flooring area surrounding the washing machine, as this could be indicative of a larger structural issue in the building.

Check Hot Water Tanks for Rust

Rust within hot water tanks can not only shorten the life of the water heater but also reduce the quality of the water entering the property. This means that condo owners must be proactive in reviewing their hot water systems on an annual basis for any signs of rust or leakage within the equipment. As a preventative measure, condo owners should also try to flush their water heater systems on an annual basis to remove the sediment that has built-up over the previous months.

Condo plumbing issues can become a costly problem for the entire building community. Commit to proactive maintenance by following the guidelines highlighted within this article. To learn more, speak with our professional team directly! 

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