How to Remedy Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Freezing faucet

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Winter is not quite over and it is still causing some havoc on your plumbing. Allowing the cold to damage your plumbing can have costly implications in the future, repairing them now can save you tons in the long run.

Fret not! Hayes Plumbing is here to help you remedy some of the common winter plumbing problems. Learn how you can solve some of the common plumbing problems today.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes freeze up due to high water pressure and the freezing temperature. Allowing pipes to freeze up all winter long can cause them to burst and no one wants that! Make sure to allow a bit of water movement to flow by slightly opening the tap, thus preventing pipes from freezing up.

You can also opt to thaw the exposed parts of your pipe if ice and snow has accumulated by pouring hot water onto it.

A Break in the Waterline

A break in the waterline usually happens when left over water in the pipes freeze up due to the extremely low weather. This causes a gradual increase in water pressure and eventually breaking the main waterline. Make sure to shut off the main valve when you can to get rid of excess water.

If precautionary measures are too late, do not worry! Hayes Plumbing has a team of seasoned experts who can repair any winter plumbing blunder. Call us at 905.576.3043 and get in touch with our friendly staff today.

Busted Water Heater

Your water heater can fail on you when you need it most – during the chilly weather. Experts suggest keeping each showers 10 minutes apart can keep the temperature consistent.

Make sure your water heater is also at its best my regularly checking up on it. If certain problems persist, best to call a licensed plumber.

These are only some of the most common winter plumbing problems you should watch out for. Certain plumbing fiascos may be unavoidable but completely repairable! Make sure your fixtures are winter-ready by giving us at Hayes Plumbing a call. Our team of expert plumbers are trained to perform thorough inspections and repairs according to your needs. Give us a call today!

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