Should You Replace Your Toilet Now?

Hand is fixing a toilet cistern at home

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Your toilet may be damaged, there may be leaks, or you’re just thinking of remodeling your bathroom – whatever the reason is, time will come when you’d want to consider replacing your toilet at home.


If you’re not sure whether it is time to do so or not, here is a list of signs you have to watch out for:


  1. There are leaks. They may be coming from the tank itself or the bowl. Either way, leaks can go undetected for quite some time and that may cause water damage to your flooring. If a leak goes on for long, the whole floor may require replacement. If the bathroom is located upstairs, it is also probable that you would damage the rooms below.


  1. It’s wasting a lot of water. Older toilets tend to take a toll on utility bills. How so? Well, toilets that were made before 1980 use about seven gallons of water with every flush. More modern toilets are required to use just up to 1.6 gallons per flush. Not sure how old your toilet is? You can lift the lid and check the date stamp.
  2. It’s not comfortable to use. It may not be among the first things that come to your mind when you are shopping for a toilet, but you should not forget about it. Get one that is not too small, too narrow, too high, or too low.  There are a variety of toilets available that could fit you comfortably.
  3. You have been replacing components more than a few times. If you find yourself needing to buy a flush handle or any interior mechanism every few months or so, it’s probably a better idea to replace the whole toilet altogether.
  4. Your toilet is no longer matching your home’s aesthetics or colour scheme. There was a time once when it was trendy to have toilets in shades of pinks or greens, but having one of those now could lend your bathroom an outdated look.


If you are ready to replace your toilet, know that the task is better left to a professional plumber.  You want to make sure that you get the right one for your bathroom and that it is installed properly so you won’t encounter any problems any time in the near future. For the best installations and plumbing services, you can always count on Hayes Plumbing to do the job!

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