What Is Reverse Osmosis And How Does it Work?

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Reverse Osmosis may sound like a complicated time-warp adventure for water, but the concept is much simpler than the scientific label implies. Water seeks equilibrium with water. For example, if you take a container of extremely gunky water and cleaner water gets poured into the mix, all of the water will become somewhat gunky. If you have several connected compartments, some pressure (like water flow), and a semi-permeable membrane (think plastic with thousands of itty-bitty holes), instead of seeking equilibrium, all of the water will band together and head straight for another compartment—leaving all of the gunk behind!

Home reverse osmosis filtration systems have perfected this process so that it works right in the comfort of your home. Functioning in a neat frame and relying on the natural flow of household water, these systems are increasingly convenient. It’s important, however, to seek the guidance of a professional to make sure that you set-up an RO system properly and understand how to use it for optimal performance over time.

When looking for a water filtration system for your home and the health of you and your family, reverse osmosis is the ideal option for drinking water and cooking with water. Unlike other types of water filtration products, reverse osmosis systems get rid of a lot more gunk.

For example, water distillation systems do not remove volatile chemicals that have low boiling points, and they completely rid drinking water of all minerals. Distillation makes water extremely pure—so pure that it tastes extremely bland. Carbon filters will not remove viruses, bacteria, arsenic, sulfates, and many other contaminants.  They produce a less contaminated filtered water that tastes better than tap water.

Boasting a 99% contaminant removal rate, reverse osmosis systems are widely recognized for their ability to create the best tasting water. For more information on purchasing and having a reverse osmosis water filtration system installed in your home, contact us today!

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