Selecting a Shower System for a Condo Property

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The modern Canadian lifestyle requires an understanding of the utility of space and of the leading design concepts for making the most of smaller rooms. Millions across the country are now choosing to live in condo properties for their stylish appeal and their affordable pricing. But some are finding that it can be challenging to add their ideal luxuries to their smaller condo bathroom space. Within this post, we’ll take a look at a few tips for selecting a shower system for a condo property.

Keep the Shower Space Open

A leading challenge many condo owners face when looking add a shower to their bathroom space is that the shower area can appear closed off, making the room feel even smaller. By using clear panels on their shower area doors, owners can minimize this design issue and ensure they receive natural light while taking their morning showers.

Make Effective Use of Corners

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when adding new showers and fixtures to their condo is by lining them up on one side of the wall. This can leave the corners empty and means that a large amount of the space goes unfilled. Homeowners can gain extra room within their property by choosing a shower system that fits neatly against two walls and in the corner of their bathroom. This will allow more room for cabinets and other design elements to enhance the style of the space.

Consider a Shower Area with Built-in Storage

When adding a new shower to a condo space, it’s important to analyze how each of the other items in the bathroom will fit in the area after installation. A great idea many homeowners are now capitalizing upon is the use of a shower area with built-in storage for products such as soap dispensers and hair care products. These built-in storage areas can minimize the need for trays and cabinets within the bathroom area and ensure the small space feels larger and more welcoming.

A little creativity and understanding of bathroom design can ensure the ideal shower system within a small bathroom area. To learn more on how to craft that ideal small bathroom design, speak with our trusted experts directly today!

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