Shut off valves: How they can save your plumbing

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Do you remember the last time you had to turn off your home’s water supply valve, and what caused you to do so?

Typically, if you were to try and fix a leaky faucet in your master bedroom, your main water supply valve will need to be turned off, preventing anyone else in your home from using any toilets, sinks, or showers. This is not something that you want to deal with on a Sunday afternoon, especially when your family is trying to prepare dinner for you in the kitchen (we can dream, right?)

However, there is a way to avoid having your home’s entire supply of water cut off during cases like this- all you’ll need are individual shut off valves on every hot and cold-water supply tube. These handy valves will not only provide you with the opportunity to shut off the water to a single sink without affecting the other ones in your home, but they can leave you with a quick and simple way to turn off the water in case of a burst pipe, or even a flood.

Shut off valves: How they can save your plumbing 

For an easy way to instantly upgrade your plumbing system, you’ll need these shut off valves installed under every sink in each washroom, kitchen and laundry room in your home. Instead of relying on one main water supply valve, these shut off valves can allow you to easily isolate each sink in your home when necessary. To show how common shut off valves are in 2014, a majority of newer properties have these valves already installed- after all, it’s hard to ignore how beneficial they can be for homeowners.

For example, having these valves installed can be extremely helpful when dealing with a leak, as you can easily cut off the flow of water in that area, effectively isolating the problem.

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