Spring Fever: Why spring is the perfect time to renovate your bathroom

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Using this past winter as an example, we braved long commutes during some trying times- weather conditions hit excessively freezing temperatures, and icy roads plagued many of our routes. Now that spring is around the corner, and we are no longer shovelling our driveways every hour of the day, we can finally focus on many of the things that we were too busy to dedicate our time to, such as our homes.

Spring Fever: Why spring is the perfect time to renovate your bathroom

The warm, relaxing days of spring are a perfect time to consider a washroom renovation- it’s universally seen as a time for new beginnings, and you’ll likely have more visitors at your home during this time of the year, as many people see this much-fabled season as an ideal time to visit friends and family. Also, for those who have been putting off washroom renovations for a time that would feel “right”, even doing a small upgrade, such as replacing some of your faucets with sleeker, more modern designs, or getting a toilet that actually matches your sink, can truly freshen things up with minimal effort.

Bathrooms are one of the most frequented areas in a home, which is why they’re such a popular renovation project for homeowners. Our bathrooms are consistently used on a regular basis, so they can always benefit from a revitalization, especially during one of the most beautiful seasons that we experience.

For those that are planning to sell their home in the near future, getting your bathroom(s) renovated during the spring season is one of the most ideal times to do so. According to Time Magazine, the best time of the year to sell a house is the spring, as potential buyers are more willing to pay full price for a property during these months. A newly renovated bathroom can certainly put the “icing on top of the cake” for a potential buyer!

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