Storm Damage Checklist: What To Inspect After A Storm

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Storm damage can occur on any property after severe weather hits. It’s important for homeowners to remain calm after the event has taken place, because it will be their job to review the damage and provide both insurance companies and contractors with an overview of their repair requirements. To help streamline the damage review process, we’ve created a checklist that includes the areas to inspect after a storm has taken place.

Fences and Decks

Fences and decks can be dented by debris from the storm. Fences might have been blown over the wind, causing potential damage across the property of several homes. It’s important to speak with direct neighbours if connecting fencing has been damaged, to ensure insurance claims and repair processes are handled effectively.

Trees around the Home

Homeowners must conduct a thorough review of the exterior of their property after a storm has taken place. During this review process, it’s important to look for fallen tree branches that might have affected the property. Sometimes, tree branches can knock down home guttering, creating a potential flooding issue on the property.


Roofing is one of the home features most-often damaged by storms. When reviewing their roofing systems, homeowners should check for missing tiles as well as cracked and split areas that could have been damaged by falling tree branches or other forms of debris.


After a storm has damaged a downspout or outside guttering, a property might be subject to basement flooding. Homeowners should carefully review each area of their basement to ensure that water hasn’t entered the property through damaged areas. By carefully examining basement window areas and checking basement flooring, a full basement review can be completed.

Exterior Appliances

Exterior items such as air conditioning units might have been damaged during the storm, thereby limiting their performance. Unit housing can sometimes be damaged by storm debris. Homeowners should check the area around their units carefully for signs of performing issues or structural damage.

By reviewing each element of their property with care and attention, homeowners can ensure their continuing security after a storm has passed their region. Those who wish to learn more storm damage review tips can contact the trusted experts at Hayes Plumbing directly! 

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