How to Survive A Bathroom Renovation

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A bathroom renovation leaves with you with a promise of a more space savvy and aesthetically pleasing nook but before you get there, you have to survive the renovation process.

A renovation project is not complete without a barrage of contractors coming in and out of your home, the sound of hammers pounding on concrete and the smell of paint in the air you breath.

While undergoing any form of renovation can be challenging, you have to keep in mind how rewarding it will be in the end. All the sacrifices you make will pave the way to a more functional and beautiful bathroom.

Fortunately for you, we have come up with tips to help you survive a renovation. Read the entry below and find out how you withstand this chaotic yet highly rewarding undertaking.

Schedule, schedule, schedule!
We did mention earlier how there will be a constant stream of contractors who will be coming in and out of your home throughout this project. This would mean your privacy is compromised to a certain extent. Make sure to get ready for your day way before the contractors to arrive so you can go about your routine with ease.

Plan, plan, and plan!
Your bathroom will be virtually inaccessible to you for the duration of the renovation. You have to have a solid plan where you can prepare for work and where you can shower!

Now might be a good time to enlist the help of nearby friend and family. Let them know work is being done to your bathroom – ask if they don’t mind sparing you their bathroom.

Of course, you don’t want to get in the way of THEIR routine so be prepared to wake up a couple of hours earlier.

Pack for the occasion
As mentioned, your bathroom will be virtually inaccessible to you for a couple of days while the renovation are ongoing. Make sure to pack the things you need on a daily basis and store them where you can reach easily reach for them.

Making sure you understand the implications of a renovation makes this a whole lot easier for you and everyone involved. These tips should be enough to help you get started. Communicating with your contractor is also very crucial in ensuring this project goes as smoothly as possible.


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