The 7 Major Benefits your Family can get from Water Softeners

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Many homes in Durham region are still living with hard water. Most of these don’t know how easy and affordable a water softener is—or the benefits your family can get from water softeners. Soft water has a number of health, lifestyle and home benefits that can make your family’s quality of life better all around.

To help you make the decision to install a water softener we’ve broken down the 7 major benefits your family can get from water softeners:

1. Cleaning Becomes Easier

Nobody likes cleaning. It steals hours from your week and can be hard on the hands and joints. Water softeners help cut down on your cleaning time—and effort—by making glassware and silverware cleaner and shinier and by reducing the soap curd, lime build up, soap scum and hard-water deposits that call for long scrubbing sessions.

2. You Can Cut Down on Harsh Chemicals

As cleaning becomes easier and there is less build-up on your fixtures, furniture, kitchens and bathrooms you can begin using less harsh chemicals. Harsh cleansers contain contaminants and chemicals that you don’t want around your family and pets. Removing these harsh cleansers will also help improve your family’s air quality.  With soft water you can use eco-friendly cleaning products or simply wash down your home with natural mixes like vinegar and baking soda. 

3. Cleaner, Softer Clothes

You will be able to get your clothes cleaner even with gentle, skin-sensitive detergents. You can use less soap and get cleaner, softer clothes and towels. You will also be able to use less—or no—fabric softener as your laundry will be naturally softer.

4. It Keeps your Pipes Clean

As soft water helps prevent lime build-up, it will keep your pipes clean as a whistle—which will help keep them from clogging (so less calls to us!).

5. Softer Hair and Skin 

When you treat your water with a water softener it will remove build-up from your hair and skin, leaving it visibly cleaner and touchable soft. This happens because soft water removes the thin layer of film that hard water leaves on your skin, a film that gives you that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling but actually clogs pores and dries-out skin (especially in our cold Canadian winters!).

As an added bonus soft water lathers better, so you will lose up to 75% less soap, shampoo and conditioner.

6. Longer-Lasting Appliances 

Soft water is easier on your appliances, including coffee makers, dishwashers and clothes washers, which will extend their product lifecycle significantly.

7. Better Taste

Last but definitely not least, soft water tastes better, especially when combined with a water-purification system. With a water softener you will remove some of the minerals that cause off-tasting water, and will supply you with better-tasting water than even the fanciest bottled water.

To find out what is involved with installing a water softener in your home, call Hayes—your plumbing and water experts in Durham region.

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