The ABC’s of reverse osmosis and water softeners from your local Oshawa plumber

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Safe, clean drinking water is one of the priorities your Oshawa plumbing experts provide. Innovation has come a long way when it comes to purifying the water you and your family drink and reverse osmosis and water softeners are at the forefront of the things you need to know about.

Hard Water

The name says it all about the water we use in our homes. Water comes from the ground and as it passes to our homes, it picks up bits of minerals like magnesium and calcium. The result is called hard water and it’s important to avoid this type of buildup in your Oshawa plumbing system since a buildup can reduce efficiency in water heaters and the flow from taps and through pipes.

Water Softeners

These appliances are one of the solutions to a hard water problem. Through a process called ion exchange, they trade these minerals for sodium.

Reverse Osmosis

While this technique is used on a grander scale to remove salt from ocean water, reverse osmosis has a great home application for water filtration as well. Water is forced through a semi permeable membrane using this process that only allows the liquid to pass through and not any contaminants. One of the advantages here is the pollutants are flushed away and don’t build up in the system. Oshawa plumber experts note this is one of the most cost effective ways to filter the water in your home.

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