The Best Method to Stop Basement Flooding: A Backwater Valve

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Our years of experience as plumbing specialists in Oshawa, Bowmanville, Pickering and Ajax have proved to us that the only sure-fire method to stop basement flooding in its tracks is to install a backwater valve.

A backwater valve is like a sump pump on steroids. It automatically senses any reverse flow of water in your main valve where water tries to go into your home instead of out of it. When the backwater valve senses a reverse flow it shuts off the system entirely—thereby preventing your basement’s drain from flood-causing backups.

Despite being a powerful solution to prevent basement flooding, installing a backwater valve is a surprisingly economical solution. The installation of the valve is easily done by a qualified specialist who has previous experience in backwater valves.

If your home’s basement is prone to flooding call us today, your plumbing specialists in Oshawa, Bowmanville, Pickering and Ajax, to install a backwater valve—the best method to stop basement flooding. Don’t hesitate, and don’t wait until the next big storm and your basement is flooded once again.

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